Foldable Truss structure with full color printing

Foldable Truss Structures
for trade fairs and events

Foldable, easier to transport and store

Foldable, Reusable Truss Structure

Afoldable Expo Truss is a reusable structure designed to
facilitate installation and save storage space.

The Truss structure is lighter & easier to transport in a spacious passenger car.
Made from sturdy and durable material : aluminum, steel & composite
with the big advantage: light weight & foldable.

The foldable Truss structure is ideal for temporary indoor applications
such as trade fairs, corporate events, merchandise displays…

Truss beursstand

What is it difference between a foldable and a standard Truss structure?

The foldable Truss structure is more compact to carry and store, has a lighter weight and is standard finished in a white or black color.

How to Build a Foldable Truss?

Open the Truss structure

Place the modules

Foldable Truss Structure

Mount the modules

Truss beursstand

Why choose a foldable Truss?

  • Flexibly expandable

  • Can be used with various media for your own look

  • Compact to transport and store, no truck needed

  • Tool-less installation, no professional installer required

  • Easy to build