Portable and easy to set up Exhibition Walls & Roll up Banners

Fusion LED LightBox© Pop up

  • Pop up structure with channel bars & tendon cloth

  • Foldable LED light wall

  • Light weight and expandable

Fusion Plus© Stretch Frames

Exhibition walls
  • Various shapes and sizes

  • Sleek finish with stretch fabric pro

  • Compact, modular & many accessories

Xtension© Fabric Pop up

  • The easiest wall to set up in 30 seconds

  • The most lightweight and compact pop-up booth

  • Simple image switching

Portable exhibition stands, display stands and creative structures

Striking and easy presentation, without fuss ?

Lightweight and easy
Compact and easy to use
Simple graphic exchange
Quick assembly

Pop up Magnetic© Custom Collection

Pop up Magnetic

Create your custom trade show booth

Combine structures and build your mobile trade show booth without limitations.

Choose from straight and curved structures
of various heights & widths & create your custom booth.

Flat side panels provide a stylish look.

Tool-free assembly.

A professional result in no time

All-in-one Presentation kits

  • Convenient All-in-1 packages

  • Adapted to Your needs

  • Light & Compact to carry

Classic Frame LightBox©

Classic Frame LightBox
  • Mobile Light Wall

  • Various heights & widths

  • Double-sided finishing possible

Xpressions© Fabric Pop up

Xpressions Pop up display
  • Modular display

  • Various shapes & sizes

  • Simple update

Roll up & Banner Displays

Banner Plus Displays
  • Easily modularizable

  • Linkable to one seamless wall

  • New: linkable Roll Banner

Roll up Displays

Roll up Displays
  • Quality Roll ups

  • Wide range

  • Simple image switching

Brochure Holders

  • Foldable and fixed Brochure Holders

  • Various shapes & sizes

  • Compact to take with you

Mobile Showcase – Showcase

Mobile showcase - showcase
  • Various shapes and sizes

  • For trade fair, retail & office

  • Easy to build


  • From sturdy transport case to spacious counter

  • The ideal meeting place

  • Excellent and professional appearance

Presentation display

Presentation display
  • Stylish display, with or without cover

  • Foldable, compact to carry

  • Very stable and sturdy

Design Expo Systems offers a wide range of portable and easy to set up Banner & Roll up Displays, Presentation Walls, Exhibition Walls and Exhibition Stands for
trade shows – events – conferences – recruitment – presentations – seminars – road shows & in store promotions

The Best Custom Banner & Exhibition & Presentation Walls