Versatile Banner Display Stands

Stylish banner displays make a difference in optimal user experience and professional presentations

Expolinc Pole System

More than just a banner stand, modular, flexible and versatile

Our Banner Displays are modular, portable and flexible to use:

  • Variable widhts & heights
  • Various configurations
  • Can be used as a single or double-sided display
  • Flexible and easy to update
  • Create and recreate seamless curved backwalls
  • Simply twist, bend and shape the stand to your needs
  • Accessories: counters, shelves & everything else

Highest product reliability – Stable base – Easy change of graphics – Easy to use

Link2 Banner Stand

The world’s first true light-weight affordable linking banner stand

The Link²  allows for unlimited banners to be seamlessly joined together creating professional, promotional and exhibition backdrops.

Also, each Link² banner stand has interchangeable graphic capabilities, so for the first time customers can now change their own graphics with no fuss.
This means that customers can use LINK² hardware indefinitely.

Other advantages include
– a patented tension system that aids graphic alignment on uneven floors,
– integrated LED lighting and
– a flexible panel option making it ideal for shell schemes

Twist Banner Stand

The most flexible and innovative bannerdisplay

 shape the stand to your needs 

integration LCD screen…


various widhts / heights


– Flexible

– Portable

– User-friendly

– High quality

The most versatile
Fabric Banner Display

An elegant solution to hang your banners from the ceiling, mount them on the wall of have it standing on the floor.
The system is completely modular, an eye-catching communication.